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Slime Classroom Kit

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An exciting (but safe!) chemical reaction introduces students to the world of chemistry and leads them to a better understanding of molecules and polymers with a whole lot of gooey, green fun.

Welcome to the best introduction to chemistry that your students can possibly have! Some people are afraid of science, but it is only because those people were not introduced to it by way of an exciting, tactile, colorful, hands-on experience. After all, nothing says successful science lesson like combining colorful solutions to make a batch of gooey slime. You may need to have your students practice their “mad scientist laughter” before they begin.

The Slime Time classroom kit introduces students to the world of molecules by allowing them to discover the differences in solutions containing different classes of molecules. Students learn about chemical reactions by combining the solutions to perform a reaction that is totally safe, totally surprising, and totally fun. The strength of this kit is in the hands-on experience of real science. Your students will be observing the actual result of molecule differences and chemical reactions. The included student discovery page guides the student in science thinking and provides a place for each young scientist to record observations as they test and observe the properties of the solutions and product (in other words, what do they learn from playing with the gooey green slime that they made?)

The other strength of this kit is that it acts as an excellent introduction to a number of principles, including science in general, chemistry, molecules, polymers, plastics, environmental science, and much more. The Classroom Connections section of the Teacher activity guide provides ideas to get you started, and the Slimy Ideas section will help you understand and explain these science principles no matter how well-versed in chemistry you are. Explanations and discussions can be adapted to many age and ability levels. You will be providing an amazing service to your students in ensuring that their first foray into the realm of chemistry labs was understandable, memorable, exciting, and fun.

The Slime Time kit contains enough material for 24 individual slime experiments, including the zip-bags in which the slime can be transported home.

Let the learning fun begin!

This kit is suitable for grades K-6. Students who read on a 3rd grade level can complete the student page with little teacher assistance.

Using simple lab equipment
Measuring and Observing
Testing variables
Cause and effect
Environmental protection

The Slime Time Classroom Kit can help you illustrate and allow your students to discover math and science principles in the following areas of interest:

Observation, change, prediction, using simple equipment

Chemical reactions, mixtures and solutions, polymers

Properties of matter, environmental awareness

Measurement, proportions, estimation


• 2 1-liter bottles of green PVA solution
• 2 16oz bottles with 25g borax powder
• 24 2oz portion cups
• 24 Popsicle sticks
• 24 6x6 zip-seal bags
• 1 Student discovery page master
• 1 Teacher activity guide

And lots of amazing science discussion possibilities activities


Polyvinyl alcohol and Borax (sodium tetraborate) are generally considered to be safe and nonhazardous. Make sure your students understand that good scientists always keep their experiments away from their eyes, nose, mouths, pets, and babies. The solutions should be handled with care (they shouldn’t for instance, be tasted) and hands should be washed after working with either one. Students will be safe, however, to poke, prod, pinch, or squeeze the slime between their fingers. In fact, they should be encouraged to do so! Observation-based science learning fun is our ultimate goal. Slime can be disposed of in the trash either wet when first made or dry after evaporation. The PVA has green food color in it and can stain clothing, upholstery, carpet, and porous surfaces. Clean up spills with paper towels and water immediately. Chances of completely removing dried, green PVA are remote so get it while it’s wet!

is used as a lubricant and a cleanser in things like contact lens wetting solutions, and to keep plastic surfaces safe from things like gasoline. The PVA solution in this kit contains coloring and a special disinfectant to help resist pesky gems on any not-so-clean hands.

is used as a cleaner, among other things, to whiten your wash and as an excellent soap in the medical industry

Grades 2 and up

Made in the USA

Price: $74.99

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